Est. 2016



Welcome to the Pod Planet Picayune.

After getting hundreds, neigh, thousands of Tweets, emails and various other forms of communications (mostly digital, and, yes, the occasional telegram) asking, basically, “What the hell is going on with this Pod Planet thing?” we created the Picayune.

It’s designed to answer the questions our loyal listeners have been peppering us with about the podplanet.org podcast.

What sorts of questions, you ask?

Well, there’s the aforementioned “what the hell are you guys doing?”

Well, we’re recounting stories we’ve experienced about self-pleasuring, runaway monkeys, and children amputating fingers, and well-meaning mothers who give unconscious a drunk guys a ride home in the middle of the afternoon.

As you might suspect, then comes the inevitable wave of, “tell me more about the monkey-thing, or the finger thing. And whose mother would give an unconscious stranger a ride home?”

So we launched the Pod Planet Picayune – full of behind-the-scenes details and ephemera that our loyal listeners seem to be clamoring for.

We also provided a link to each an every episode, so there’ll be nothing standing between you and the sonic beauty of podplanet.

In other words, the Picayune was designed for your visual and listening pleasure. In the meantime, keep those cards, letters, emails and Tweets coming.